Embrace Your Typical Summer Vacation Ideas For The Covid-19 era

Life has significantly changed for all of us as we have safely adapted to this new Covid world we are currently living in, but one of the most common aspects of lockdown life that we’ve found difficult? The inability to travel. Whether it’s been a postponed family holiday, a cancelled honeymoon or friends’ trip we’ve missed out on, it’s safe to say that when restrictions are lifted, we will be making up for lost time. However, the cloak of uncertainty will no doubt still be lingering. How will we feel on packed planes and cramped beaches, bars and restaurants? Will we be at ease in our favourite holiday hot spots if they’re busy? Many valid queries apply, and this is why we predict plenty of summer holidays being taken in a slightly more secluded way. We take a look at some of the ways in which you can embrace your typical summer vacation with a little added caution thrown in for the new era in which we have found ourselves.

Summer trips abroad shouldn’t be off the cards, just make sure you opt for Covid safe stays

Book a private home rental

If you love to travel and privacy is a big part of your relaxation and enjoyment, then a private home rental is most certainly the way to go for you. You can use websites like Bluepillow, to find gorgeous holiday villas in stunning locations from Mayfair to Mauritius and Turkey to Thailand. The Covid era has seen a huge increase in demand regarding villas with pools so that families and groups can socialise together without the need to visit crowded beaches. With this surge in bookings, be sure to book as early as you can.

Take a road trip

Travelling by car is the safest way to travel if you’re concerned about catching Covid and it can be lots of fun too. It is also extremely practical to take your car with you on holiday as it negates the need for taxis, public transport and makes it easy to access those hard-to-reach places, like a secluded beach. Once you’ve chosen your ideal destination, research some interesting stops along the way that you can incorporate into the journey, such a historical landmark or fine dining restaurant. Be sure to read up on the guidelines for the areas you are visiting, as they very well may differ from your home region.

Rent or buy an RV

A little like taking your car, but much better, the benefit of having an RV to take you to your destination is that you can amend your trip as you see fit. The luxuries that many RVs come equipped with as well can make it the type of holiday you never knew you could have. From luxury interiors with the latest technologies, bespoke kitchens, wine cabinets, 4K TVs, sky lounges, the ability to bring your car, and the like, an RV certainly doesn’t have to be basic. Giving you the freedom to travel pretty much wherever you fancy, stop off, detour, extend your stay and bring with you however many belongings you want, this method of travel is seeing a rise in popularity. If you think this could easily become a new favourite way to travel, now would be a great time to invest and buy an RV.

An RV gives you the freedom to go anywhere that takes your fancy. Just make sure it has all the mod cons to make your trip a high-end one

Covid safe hotels

It’s important not to discount hotels entirely when planning your summer vacation as the standards to which most hotels are working to are extremely high. Certain steps that have been taken to provide a Covid-safe stay include reduced capacity, table service at bars, room service with no service fee, screens on reception, sanitisation stations, limited numbers in spas and sprayed luggage. Take a look at your preferred hotel’s Covid commitments before you stay to ensure you are happy.


Many people have been forced into a staycation over the past year and have been pleasantly surprised with what they’ve discovered. Interesting local landmarks that they’ve previously never visited, restaurants they’ve not previously dined at, and days out that they’ve been putting off. You don’t have to travel far to have a good time, often just getting away from home and work and indulging in things you’ve never done before can give you the break you so desire.

Camping in the wilderness

Camping in the wilderness is refreshing and also completely Covid-friendly, especially if you go somewhere secluded that others won’t find. A trip to nature affords you the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air, enjoy open spaces, and opt into the environment where you can unplug and really focus on your surroundings, self, and company. Make sure you follow the local rules of the place you are visiting and if you’re not keen on sleeping in a tent you could always bring that comfy RV with you for rainy days.