Elohim Releases Powerful Bass-Driven Track “Tiny Human”

Elohim continues her streak of singles leading up to her upcoming album, following the success of “Can’t Remember Your Name” with “Tiny Human.” The new track embraces a dark, dance-infused vibe reminiscent of artists like Rezz. This shift from her previous brightness emphasizes the idea of our insignificance in the universe, prompting reflection on life’s meaning. In “Tiny Human,” Elohim explores the delicate balance of feeling lost in the crowd while experiencing moments of deep introspection. With vulnerability, the song delves into universal themes of longing and the search for meaning in a vast world. It crescendos into a powerful drop, driven by a pulsating bass line and thunderous drums, imbuing it with electrifying energy.

Elohim’s personal journey, marked by struggles with anxiety and prescription medication misuse, underscores the importance of mental health awareness in the music industry. Despite adversity, her decision to keep releasing music demonstrates resilience, channeling her hardships into profound musical expression that resonates with listeners.