Elegant Techniques For Making Glamourous Fashion Style Work For You

Even if the minimalist team has won you over, there are subtle ways to incorporate the “big fashion” trend into your unique style for a high fashion twist. We’ve seen high-end designers pour their weight behind high-glam details throughout the years. If it wasn’t a rapid play on heightened fabric choices, it veered toward features like feathers, fringe, and various decorations. As a result, there’s a glam show waiting for you.

After the Met Gala‘s “Gilded Glamor” theme, you can bet these high glam basics will become mainstream. All too quickly, as the weather begins to thaw, these global high glam themes are sliding from superstar haute couture into daily streetwear – a literal dream come true. Imagine strolling down the street with feathers and not being judged. That’s the sense we’re getting right now. Don’t you adore it?

Check Out These Front-Row High-Glam Fashion Trends This Season


A go-big season would be hard to have without the shimmer of metallic attires. The metallics fashion trend is literally flowing off the runways. From full-on monochromatic party glitz to incorporating metallics into outfits or accessories for glammed-up streetwear, the moment to shine is arrived.

Frills And Feathers

What is a spectacular outfit if not embellished with frills and feathers? All the more incentive for high-end designers to get in on this beautiful trend. A gorgeous piece with tastefully arranged feathers is a fashion must-have. Bring on the feathers and frills–we’re ready!

Voluminous Silhouettes

Puffy sleeves and overflowing trains will continue to create billowy fashion statements on the streets. It appears that high glam style has married this trend, as they continue to defy all attempts to take them out of the spotlight. Wardrobe staples like large shirts exude comfort and style, which is why fashionistas all over the world love them.

Crystal Embellishments

There is no high glam look without a plethora of decorations. This is a fashion era in which gloss, sparkle, and glamor rule, especially after a crippling epidemic. The red carpets are jammed with celebrities dressed to the nines in jewel-encrusted gowns, giving the paparazzi a run for their money. Nothing exemplifies this more than Cardi B‘s Versace Met Gala gown.



Snatched waists are still popular in 2022, and as a consequence, every fashionable lady is wearing them. Corsets were prevalent throughout the Victorian era and remain so now. Consider corset tops on select jeans or tiny skirts, or go all out with a high-end event-ready gown.


Yes, leather and high-end fashion aren’t mutually exclusive. The rock stars clung to it for a time, but leather accessories and costumes are now mainstream. For the ultimate baddie move, pair leather gloves and boots with a free-size button-down dress like Juliette Foxx.

Lace Fabrics


From lingerie sets to legendary high-end gowns like the Atelier Versace seen on Lily James on the Academy Awards red carpet, Hollywood celebs are embracing the lace trend. Lace is recognized for adding a feminine touch to an outfit; serve it in a spotless white tone or pink.

Fancy Cutouts

With a garment that incorporates carefully placed cuts, you can bring sexy back (which it never left). A ritzy party dress or blouse combined with flashy pants is a requirement for high glam look. Cutouts rule the red carpets, runways, and street fashion.

Faux Fur

The nasty and boujee look isn’t complete without some fur and boots. How else do you enter the location in magnificent fashion? This season, we’re dressed in fur, and it’s on period. Boss style Mary J. Blige is well aware of this fact.

Mini Skirts

This spring, the code is higher the hem, greater the glitz. Put on a little skirt with a graphic T-shirt and you’re ready to hit the streets, or go business elegant with a finely fitted jacket. There is no high glam look without a bold little skirt.

Featured Image: sarahlanga | Instagram