Electronic Artist Phil Loft’s Eccentric Soundscape Comprises of Undulating and Contemporary Sound Dynamics

Upcoming electronic artist Phil Loft is experimenting with the virtues of various sound modulations, rhythmic insertions, and creative arrangements in his soundscape.

Electronic and downtempo modules of contemporary flavors in upcoming electronic artist Phil Loft’s soundscape is a mesmerizing and captivating spectrum of musical celebration. He broke into the scene back in 2015 with his groundbreaking single, ‘Think B4 Sound’ and there has been no looking back since then. He expanded his musical expressions into the release of two EPs and a string of singles that established him as a promising and emerging artist in the scope of electronic and downtempo musical deductions. He describes his sound as chill adult alternative music or chill soul music that transcribes his creative interpretations into an experiential identity of its own. His vocal timbre adjusts beautifully with the flow of his songs, a creative clarity that compels the audience to compare his work with the likes of Seal, Sade, Sting, Sam Smith, and others.

Phil Loft’s tryst with music started when he was just a kid as those important years shaped his creative persona and wisdom into a career choice. He took the time to adjust his sound and release it as his musical creation. His other song, ‘C.A.T.S. (Chill Against The Shore) is an integrated union of various sounds and rhythms that paves the way for a transcendental experience for his audience. There are trance and candor in his musical streams that combine the diverse essence of electronic, soul, alternative and chill subgenres into a captivating motif. He utilizes the symbiotic concoction of lyrics, arrangements, and rhythmic patterns in a coordinated glide.

Phil Loft is currently an independent artist but his popularity has garnered stark audience reception and exposure that will lead him to accomplish bigger prospects. He has showcased his creative articulation of music through extensive live performances in and around New York City and Long Island as he incurred unparalleled experience and cultural and thematic influences. As 2020 brings more joy and glory to his career, he looks forward to dilating his musical concepts and reach the audience’s heart without the superficiality of industrial glam. Follow this intriguing mix of a hybridized musical endeavor on YouTube and Soundcloud and experience the evolution of musical resonance.

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