Electric Polar Bears and Paris Hilton team up for a Brand New, acid-infused collaboration, “Melting”

Electric Polar Bears and Paris Hilton team up for a brand new, acid-infused collaboration, “Melting” — and a psychedelic, summer-ready music video to go with it. This sure-fire party starter is designed to make you move, with its gritty lead, hypnotic vocals, and upbeat dance appeal. Electric Polar Bears work the track with infectious rhythm, playful sound design, and tripped out electro distortions, as tantalizing vocals from Paris set in, This beat is hot… This beat is melting…

Electrifying and satisfying, “Melting” lives and breathes for the dance floor. Our only complaint is the track’s fleeting nature, gone in just 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Thankfully, there’s an extended mix here. Beyond the music, “Melting” acts as a reminder to drink lots of water, especially as the summer months heat up and festival goers are more prone to heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Watch here!

Electric Polar Bears – Melting feat. Paris Hilton