Ekonovah Returns with Dark Techno Remix of ALRT’s “1985”

Ekonovah, hailing from Arizona, unveils his latest endeavor, marking a departure into the realm of dark Techno with his remix of ALRT‘s “1985”. Demonstrating a continual evolution, Ekonovah remains steadfast in his mission to shape the electronic landscape with innovative sounds. Familiar listeners will recognize a bold leap into uncharted territory with this latest release, showcasing Ekonovah’s willingness to explore new dimensions of his craft.

Despite initial apprehensions about venturing into unfamiliar territory, Ekonovah found himself immersed in a natural flow of ideas within the studio. This resulted in a fresh perspective on the track itself and a revitalization of his artistic identity.

One thing remains certain: regardless of the genre, Ekonovah’s commitment to excellence shines through. With a slew of upcoming releases and an exciting 2024 on the horizon, the future looks boundless for this Arizona native.