Ekonovah Impresses With Debut Dim Mak Release “Wait A Minute”

The resurgence of house music has been an unparalleled revival of one of electronic music’s most classic styles, offering new artists the ability to showcase their unique skills and visions in the context of a well understood, structured genre. Ekotech has been and will continue to be one of the newest, purest, and most unique expressions within the 120-128 BPM genre, spearheaded by the creator and namesake Ekonovah.

First recognized following his incredibly well-received flip of Porter Robinson’s “Language,” the 21 year old producer has explicitly showcased that he refuses to be a one-hit wonder. With his first label release landing on Dim Mak’s New Noise imprint, “Wait A Minute” is an absolute knockout. The artist’s anxiety-inducing production abilities are so good that it leaves the listener struggling to comprehend how such unique and lush sounds can be blended together with this level of skill and confidence.Ekonovah stands firmly on a level of unrecognized talent that only comes once every few years and we are in the midst of experiencing that meteoric rise. Stream Ekonovah’s new track “Wait A Minute” below.

Ekonovah – Wait A Minute