Eklchump Is Out With Some Heavy-Loaded HipHop Melodies to Slay HipHo Addicts

The Canadian music producer Eklchump begins his journey from an independent music producer to a big gig holder and go-to music artist in the recent hiphop scene. Hailing from Canada, he makes sure to keep a place for his roots in the music he plays. Unlike other newcomers, he comes with a long list of independent records on SoundCloud, recorded under his growing production house EklchumpOnTheBeat. He clings on to every moment to show the world the mare shadow of his dynamic talent in music. His latest sound ‘SITSOTM’ is built with true hip hop spirit that sends the message of the beginning of his hip hop empire. The well-wrought flow of tantalizing heavy rhythms in the tracks ‘CALM’, ‘CREATION’ and ‘GRATEFUL’ create an astral experience for music lovers. After spending a hefty amount of time in the production industry, he faces his inner conflict and decides to come up front to make his name greater with the rare knowledge he is imbibed with.

Eklchump is the new sun on the horizon of changing hip hop approach. His unique style of delivering scintillating melodies can be explicitly distinguished with other newfangled musicians under the sun. ‘NEMO’ has a playful intro that effortlessly glides with harmonies made from an ample of instruments. The next track on the list is ‘MADMOOD’ as well as ‘TECHNICALDIFFICULTIES’ with freakish beats with a classic intro. His continuous devotion to music keeps him coming with more new compositions. He decided to go big this year with a number of song releases. He gets prominent at the drop of a hat with hit singles out on SoundCloud. He will be coming soon with more originals and live shows at a stretch.

In his journey to his way to the top, he did not have to shoot a video for every song he drops or follow any guidelines of a special genre. He believes that music is based on universal understanding and acceptance; that’s how he does not confine himself to just a corner of so many musical genres. He started as a small music producer and came out as a flamboyant hip hop artist who is already well into his global ascent. He took time and counted every minute to learn and prosper as a musician to deeply understand his potential in the upcoming music scene in flux. The mentioned tracklist on Soundcloud is the list of radio-ready hits that carry the evidence of his crazy endeavors he took to take his music to the next level. He wants to outlive the time he has got on this planet by producing remarkable music and unparalleled songs and become a living legend who always illuminates everyone’s life through the swaggering hip hop tunes. He crafts the new instrumental hip hop numbers with an aesthetic visionary. His edgy sounds are the future of the 2020 hip hop scene that can restore the sanity again in the world filled with turbulence.

Just go for this tracks of Eklchump : https://soundcloud.com/cameron-jon-emmelkamp