Ekali’s Awakening Records Releases Jam-Packed 23-Track Label Compilation

In recent times, there has been significant progress in various aspects of this artist’s career: the release of fresh music (such as the notable track ‘Angel Fire’), the initiation of his first solo tour in several years, and now, an ambitious venture in the form of a newly established record label named Awakening Records. What initially began as a series of mixed music has now transformed into a fully operational label, presenting its inaugural compilation album. Featuring an impressive array of 23 tracks, this double album showcases some of the most innovative and cutting-edge dance music of the year, featuring emerging talents like BROKN, Virus Mafia, Oddly Godly, Dabow, and CURE97, among others.

The initial section of the compilation emphasizes a bass-centric, club-oriented sound, while the subsequent segment explores more introspective and experimental tones. This meticulously curated compilation not only provides an enjoyable listening experience but also acknowledges Ekali‘s musical legacy while heralding a new phase of artistic exploration and creativity. In a year where the bass music scene appears poised for significant growth, Awakening Records is already making substantial contributions, and anticipation is high for their future endeavors.