EDM Rock duo DREAMEATER Release New Track, “Afterlife”

Compared to a decade ago, electronic dance music is featuring many more examples of live instrumentation. The reason for the shift is a story for another time, but regardless we’re here for it and love the new innovation stemming from the challenge. EDM rock duo DREAMEATER are a fine example, releasing their new single “Afterlife” yesterday.

Bearing resemblance to Pendulum, The Prodigy, The Qemists, Enter Shikari, and other heavy live electronic acts, Danny and Annie bring a mixture of live instrumentation, post-production, and vocals to the mix that give their music a wholly unique feel. With “Afterlife” in particular, you hear a lot of grunge effects set against an innocent-sounding vocal, an effect best used to provide a juxtaposition in sound that provides an extra layer of depth to the sound.

Accompanied by the otherworldly music video below, “Afterlife” is a stunning new single that shows the duo’s strengths. You can listen below now!