Edge, New York is The Western Hemisphere’s Tallest Outdoor Skydeck

Towering 1,100 feet above Hudson Yards, on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan – the tallest outdoor skydeck in the western hemisphere, is set to welcome its first visitors on March 11th, this year.

Spanning over 100 floors, the multipurpose developmental building, dubbed ‘Edge’, features an outdoor observation deck, indoor shopping mall, plus restaurants, bars, and event spaces.

Designed for the thrill of adventure, the 7,500 square foot, sky deck resembles an open plaza complete with a partially glass floor and angled glass walls. Situated on the 100th floor, the deck is accessible through lifts strategically positioned amidst the building’s retail sections.

Greeted by an immersive multimedia arrival experience designed by LAB at Rockwell Group, guests are transported to the viewing area through a 52 second elevator ride. Extending out by an estimated 80 feet, the suspended sky deck boasts uninterrupted views beyond the awe-inspiring New York City skyline, with a connecting outdoor staircase and seating area for maximised visibility.

Considerably prefabricated, the sky deck was manufactured and tested in Italy before being dismantled and transferred to America. Comprising of 15 main sections, each weighing an estimated 15,876kg to 45,359kg, the final deck was bolted together and anchored to the east and south sides of the building, with gaps in each panel for cleaner images and no metal support.

The Edge skydeck will open to the public at 8am to 12 midnight, 365 days per year, from 11th March 2020.