EDC Las Vegas Is Sold Out, But Just Opened A Wait List for Cancelled Tickets

EDC Las Vegas sold out in record time this year — GA, GA+, and VIP — but there are still plenty of chances to get your tickets. The best chance of securing your ticket closer to the festival is by joining the EDC LV 2020 waitlist. Since EDC sold out so quickly this year thanks to the layaway plans, many people were able to secure their tickets for a pittance of what they’ll be paying at the end. It stands to reason that many of these people won’t finish making payments on their tickets, and that’s where the waitlist comes in.

The waitlist is here to let us know you are interested in attending an event after the tickets have sold out. In the event tickets become available, they will be issued to people on the waitlist on a first come first served basis.

In the case that a Headliner can no longer attend or has not made their payments on time, a ticket will become available.

You can find more information and join the waitlist yourself here.

— EDC (@EDC_LasVegas) October 15, 2019

Photo by Marc Van Der Aa for Insomniac Events