Ed Banger Records Is Throwing A Rave At the Château de Versailles [DETAILS]

People will travel to the ends of the Earth to rave, whether the function is at a picturesque castle or down in an underground nuclear bunker. Even in Chernobyl, the party doesn’t stop. Next up, the Château de Versailles will host its first-ever dance music function with widely established label Ed Banger Records.

French electro marvels Breakbot x Irfane, Busy PMyd and So Me will throw down at the foot of the iconic Hall of Mirrors as revelers dance away the night. Whenever exceptional talent meets a gorgeous, historical landmarks such as this palace, it’s destined to be memorable.

Just imagine the Château de Versailles, which once served as the royal residence of Louis XIV thru Louis XVI, transformed into a legitimate rave. The only way to truly experience the magic is to grab your passport and go.

According to the event, “This timeless evening is part of the Versailles tradition of the first festivals of the Sun King’s time and also echoes Versailles, cradle of French electro.”

It all happens June 8, 2019. See the official event page for more info.

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