Easy Ways To Turn A Bad Hair Day Into A Badass Hair Day

Life may not be perfect, but it’s always a good idea for your hair to be. But how about those moments when your hair just doesn’t want to stay in place and endeavors to ruin your whole ensemble? This is what I call a bad hair day. A bad hair day comes unexpectedly and we just want to pull out our magic wand and yell “be gone”. However, it doesn’t work this way. It will always take something more practical than wishful thinking to handle a bad hair day. A bad hair day can be due to several factors–like the weather, lack of shampooing and conditioning, or extra moisturizing. Regardless of what your current issue is, you want to know how to fix it quickly so you can get your day started. Check out these easy ways to turn a bad hair day into a badass hair day.

Braid your hair

Braids are so versatile. You could just make one big loose braid and tilt it towards the side, resting on your shoulder while using a band to hold the tip in place, or you could make two large cornrows. It all depends on you. Whatever you do, slay you must. It goes without saying that braids are reputation-savers when it comes to a bad hair day. You can’t afford to lose your slay today, your protégés are waiting to take style lessons and you’re not one to disappoint *winks*.

Use healthy heat tools

If you have time to spare and it’s not one of those days where you have to run off, heat will do the magic. It’ll curb that frizz like a bad habit you’ll be stunned at the results. But don’t forget to apply a heat protector first. Once you can straighten that hair and put those stubborn strands in check, or better still curl the ends of your hair, you’re good to go. Heat styling, when done right, can give your hair a new life.

Stylishly cover up with a headwear

When you just don’t feel like any style is doing it for you, grab a scarf or any hair covering. They can do no wrong. If you know your style game, you’re definitely going to pull this look off even though you’re headed for a board meeting. You can choose a hat, turban, scarf…whatever! These headwear take the attention away from your insubordinate hair and will switch up your look real quick and with minimal efforts. Remember it’s only a bad hair and not necessarily a bad day. Don’t let it dampen your mood or mess with your confidence. You are beautiful, bad hair day or not but it won’t hurt to fix that hair too. Smile!