Easy Ways To Flirt With Body Language Without Doing Too Much

There’s a hunch feeling you get when a person’s body language shows they’re interested in you in a way that transcends beyond words. Certainly, in this moment, you understand why they say that communication is indeed beyond a verbal level. If not, how else can you explain how you know he’s feeling you just because you caught him smiling randomly at you, or because he helped you wipe off a ‘stain’ on your cheek? Flirting is so natural that we give off those vibes unconsciously as long as we like the person.

It’s all a part of the package and a great way to tell if that date would end in premium tears or if there’s definitely going to be others after it. For example, if he’s busy on his phone, absorbed in himself, or facing his feet away from you, chances are he’s not responding to your subtle advances and maybe you should lose his number on your way out. Of course, you’re here to learn how to flirt with body language and not when to lose that guy’s number. This skill comes in handy when you don’t want to be vocal about your intentions but you still want to get his attention. Or maybe you’re a shy girl who would rather have him verbalize the intention for the both of you. Regardless of the category you fall under, these tips will help you consciously amp up your body language and get the desired results.

Check Out These Easy Ways To Flirt With Body Language Without Doing Too Much


Smile subtly, gently bite your lower lip, and then look away. This is one surefire way to use body language to flirt. Unless he’s not interested or ,maybe he’s blind, he should get the message. A great smile is like a magic spell to the eyes.

Appear get-at-able

Simply put, look welcoming instead of sitting over there with a frown and crossed arm while staring at your wristwatch every 5 seconds. No one wants to attempt a conversation when they know they’ll be scurried off their feet immediately after taking a seat at your table. If you’re looking for ways to use body language to flirt, then have a warm flirty smile, look friendly and keep your arms open (there’s something close ended about folding your arms.)

Act Coy But Confident

Play with your hair by twirling it slightly and tuck it behind your ears. You can also do this with your necklace (if you’re wearing one). However, don’t overdo it like you’re at a beauty parlor or a jewelry store. Acting shy is a traditional way of flirting that still works, and that guy should certainly get the message.

Tilt Towards Him

This is a natural and sometimes unconscious way of indicating interest in a person–tilt and focus on him. While you guys are in a conversation, give him your attention as opposed to pulling out your smartphone. It communicates that you find the conversation interesting. Also, when you mirror his posture, find his jokes amusing and give him enough space to avoid an awkward situation. That’s thumbs up worthy.

Be Genuinely Interested In Him

Everyone feels comfortable with someone who they feel gets them and is genuinely interested in them. When he shares something, touch him on his arms lightly, or hold his hands but not in a sexual manner. Touch is a universal language and the right amount of touch sends the right message to the recipient. This makes a person feel special and heard without actual words but with body language.

Flirting is an art that makes everything you say and do appear smoother than the cream cheese on a bagel. Learn it!

Featured image: Andres Ayrton | Pexels