Easy Tips On How To Protect Your Hair At Night For All Hair Types

Every girl knows that no matter how nice your hair/weave looks post salon magic, it never remains the same after sleep. From shifted up-dos to frayed edges, the challenge is indeed real. Thus, it’s important to learn how to protect your hair at night while you sleep. While the goal is to wake up to good looking hair every morning, we also want to achieve that with minimal effort. After all, you’re getting ready for sleep so you surely don’t want to be tugging at your hair non-stop. Luckily, there’re a few ways to have your hair looking great (without much manipulation of course) even after you’ve had that all too deserved solid night sleep. What’s more, whether it’s wavy, straight, curly or natural, there’s a tip for you. Check out these easy tips on how to protect your hair at night for all hair types here.

For Wavy Hair


Before you sleep, section your hair into two to four parts, depending on how wavy your intend the outcome. Then, spritz the each section sparingly with some leave-in conditioner and wrap up in a bun securing with bobby pins. Unravel the buns when you’re ready to head out using your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Viola, you’re good to go!

Sleek Straight Hair

Wrap your hair around your head in a full or semi-circle depending on the length. Then, hold in place with bobby pins and tie in a silk scarf. For extra caution against the scarf pulling off, sleep on a silk pillowcase. Also, make sure to keep the temperature of your room cool to avoid humidity which will lead to sweating that in turn puffs the hair.

For Curly Hair

Apply the same steps as with the wavy hair, only that this time, make the buns a lot bigger. Follow with mousse after unraveling the curls for bounce and volume. Just like magic, your perfect hair wakes up with you every single morning.

Natural ‘fro hair

Protective styling such as bantu knots, and flat twists are your best bet. Before bedtime, divide your hair into sections and do quick knots/twists. Remember to sleep on silk sheets or use a silk scarf. See video tutorial below on how to do bantu knots.

Braids And Locks


This might be a little tricky, especially if you prefer to let your braids hang while you sleep. In that case, your best option is to tie a scarf around your head and over the braids to secure and prevent it from pulling out while you sleep. However, if freeing the braids isn’t your thing, dust up your good ol’ hair net. They really are the trusted OG!

How To Do Bantu knots Tutorial

Featured image: iamkokocherelle | Instagram