Dutch Police Battle Drug Crime with New Xtacy Perfume


Dutch police are battling the production of ecstasy in a rather innovative way…

Bottles of Xtacy, a perfume with packaging that resembles Chanel No. 5, have been circulated to police departments across the Netherlands. The idea is that consumers will approach their pop up booths to smell the fragrance. While it looks and sounds like a designer brand — it smells like actual MDMA.

Its purpose isn’t to make the masses smell like the party drug, but rather to educate and help combat ecstasy labs and dumps of ecstasy waste. By offering up perfume samples on the streets, the OM and police are creating awareness and asking everyone to report signals of labs or dumps across the country. The most obvious signal being the aroma of MDMA.

Dutch public prosecutor Antoinette Doedens made a statement along with the launch of this initiative — “smell is the most important way that people can recognize an ecstasy lab. That is why we want to spread the smell over the entire country so that everyone knows what to look out for.”

With the production of ecstasy and other synthetic drugs, there always runs a risk of toxicity and gases, fire, or explosion, especially at an amateur level. Hazardous waste is also a huge problem, which can affect the health of people, animals and plants.

Xtacy Hits The Streets