Duke & Jones Take It Back With Old School Banger “Surrender”

For every 2011-2014 dubstep lover who says things aren’t how they used to be, there’s another who says that they’re just not looking in the right place. Clearly, the former hasn’t been looking at Duke & Jones, because their latest tune “Surrender” is probably exactly what they’re looking for. “Surrender” is Duke & Jones’ first release on Deadbeats in 2019, and the lead single off their forthcoming EP on the label. The vocal sample is nondescript, a common feature of dubstep tunes back in the day. The suspense is palpable, and the bass is booming. Best of all, the wobbles are out in full force. It might have been nice if the second drop differed in more than a couple notes from the first, but hearing that delicious deep bass for a second time is hardly a turn off. Check out “Surrender” from Duke & Jones below, out now via Deadbeats.