Duke & Jones Drop New Trapped Out Remix Of “Breaking News” From Louis The Child

Louis The Child dropped their Kids At Play EP toward the end of 2018, and we’ve been loving it ever since, But, going on five months later, the tracks were ready for an update. Enter the Kids At Play (Remixes) EP, including this minimal trap cut from rising artist Duke & Jokes. Originally, “Breaking News” was an upbeat, poppy, and light-hearted song. It never particularly rubs you the wrong way, and it’s a breezy tune that you can imagine listening to whilst driving with the windows down in the sunshine. The remix from Duke & Jones is… not that.

For a little while, it feels like the tone will remain more delicate. But then you get those low horns leading into the drop, and suddenly the rug is pulled out from under you. Trap flutes and a super minimal drum pattern make up all of the drop, giving it a darker and more sinister feel. It’s easily the darkest take of any of the remixes on the new EP, and it’s just our speed. Check it out below, and listen to the rest of the remixes here.