DubVision Give Martin Garrix’s “Higher Ground” the Remix

Back in May, Martin Garrix dropped his latest track “Higher Ground” featuring John Martin. A flawless production that fits right into Martin’s discography. Now the progressive house gem has gotten its first round of remixes, most notably from DubVision. No surprise on the selection here, DubVision are stalwarts on Martin’s STMPD label and his edit of their track “Backlash” remains a cherished fan-favorite.

The remix is kind of a fake out; the track opens up with some deep synth notes and a four-four beat mixed with John Martin’s vocals. It makes you think this will be more like DubVision’s more recent releases like “Take My Mind” or “Into You.” Not so! After the song progresses through the vocals we’re treated to a delightful, melodic drop. This is the DubVision we know and love, a grooving melody and awesome synth work. This one would have sounded really good on some club speakers, but your home pool party will work just as well. Check out the DubVision remix of Martin Garrix’s “Higher Ground” featuring John Martin, out now on STMPD.