DROELOE Puts In Work With New Single “Grind & Hustle”

Hard work pays off. This phrase has inspired many to shoot for the stars and capture their dreams. Bitbird stars DROELOE have tried to capture that essence within their latest single “Grind & Hustle.” The third track off their upcoming A Promise Is Made EP has its hand in many genre cookie jars. Its flavorful laidback flow is reminiscent of 90s hip hop with vocal samples lovingly layered over the bumping beat. Fireworks fill the empty space, presenting the success that comes from hard work until we are woken up by a school bell propelling us back to work. Check out DROELOE’s brand new slapper “Grind & Hustle” below and be on the lookout for their forthcoming A Promise Is Made EP out Friday, October 11th.

DROELOE – Grind & Hustle