Drew Carey Delivers Stand Up Routine About His Friend’s Bad Trip At EDC Vegas

Let’s not mince words: people at music festivals take drugs. Not everyone who takes drugs can handle themselves when they’re on drugs. One of those people happens to be a friend of Drew Carey.

In a new episode of the comedy series This Is Not Happening on YouTube, Drew Carey describes the experience of looking after one of his friends after he experiences a couple bad trips at EDC Las Vegas and TomorrowWorld. (Also, sentences I thought I’d never write…) The whole routine lasts a little under 14 minutes and it’s scary just how relatable Carey’s story should be to most of us.

Without spoiling anything too major, the story involves LSD, molly, shrooms, and weed, though not all at the same time, as well as threats against life and a wild helicopter ride over TomorrowWorld.

Probably the best thing about the routine is the fact that it comes from someone as wholesome as the host of The Price Is Right, which Carey makes sure to remind the audience of every chance he gets. Check it out below.

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