Dr. Ozi & Soltan Drop “Mumbai Madness” on NSD

Dr. Ozi never disappoints, and his new collaboration with Soltan out today on Never Say Die, “Mumbai Madness,” is a global music dubstep sensation that is destined for big stages… at least once we can get back to them. Taking heed of its name, the song is clear with Indian influences in melody and instrumentation, all while still remaining true to the NSD sound with bone-shaking bass and ear-rattling drums. The small respites of acoustic guitar and beautiful melodies in between the harsher, heavier sections gives this even more replayability as it’s not so exhausting to listen to over and over again.

The second drop takes the tempo up a notch with a more festival-influenced sound before once again descending into heavy bass territory with an even more treacherous drop than the first. Check out “Mumbai Madness” from Dr. Ozi and Soltan below, out now on NSD.