Don’t Sleep on Deuce & Charger’s New Track, ‘We Are Made of Light’ and Its Toronto Is Broken Remix

As fall sets in for most of the Northern Hemisphere, a lot of D&B necessarily gets a little darker and experimental. As Deuce & Charger start up on their next round of singles, however, they’re determined to keep fun, summery vibes going with the release of a special remix of their August hit “We Are Made of Light” by Toronto Is Broken, out last week. Summer sounds still abound with the remix, however Toronto Is Broken has taken the ravey elements of the original “We Are Made of Light” and blown them out to 2005 Pendulum porportions, which actually makes the track more than suitable for the bit fall and winter raves. The piano in the intro stays somewhat the same only TIB cuts it up and loops it rather than letting it play out and then adds a slow, trap-style breakbeat to take the buildup through to the drop.

The Pendulum-style synths start before the afore-mentioned drop and take over the main melody which, while the same as the original, is pitched up a bit so it’s in a slightly different key. Once again the effect is sort of “fallifying” the track, making it a little heavier and even more emotive. Tempo-and-drums-wise, the two tracks are quite similar but they are perhaps more punctuated on the original, where in the remix they’re more rolling and carried by the melody.

It’s always fun to see a remix done with such mastery as with “We Are Made of Light,” because it means two things: first, that the stems were solid enough that the remix artist could really play around with them in their original form and not feel the need to chop the whole song to bits and second that the remixer has enough skill to create something that’s recognizable to the original but still its own unique song.

It’s generally more difficult to do a remix this way than it is to change it so drastically, especially when it comes to keeping the most important elements of a song in tact but changing the overall emotional vibe. Toronto Is Broken has done a great job with that here and in effect has managed to transition this classic summer D&B ballad into a fall and winter stunner. Toronto Is Broken’s remix of “We Are Made of Light” is out now on Deuce & Charger’s Lost Together Music imprint and can be streamed on Spotify or purchased on Beatport. Check out the original below as well for comparison.