Don’t Let Your Skin Go Crazy In The Dry Weather

We don’t need to go into detail about the annoyance of itching, peeling skin. It doesn’t feel or look good, and we’ve all experienced it to varied degrees. It’s always simpler to avoid than to treat, but no matter how bad your skin is right now, there are simple actions you can do to remedy the issue.

Make Skin Hydration A Top Priority

After properly cleaning your skin, be sure to moisturize it. Apply a moisturizing serum containing hyaluronic acid before your moisturizer to optimize hydration.


Include SPF in your everyday regimen. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation can damage your skin’s moisture barrier, therefore SPF should be part of your daily routine regardless of the weather.

Make Use Of Moderate Chemical Exfoliants

Glycolic or lactic acid exfoliate your skin gently. Hydrafacials, for example, may prepare your skin for winter by gently exfoliating it with glycolic acid and then infusing it with a hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich serum.

Reduce The Temperature

On a cold day, steamy showers and baths feel great, but hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, so keep the temperature mild.

Consider Using A Humidifier

Image: FreshSplash for Getty

If the air inside your home seems a little dry, you may use a humidifier to provide moisture. It’s also a good reminder to maintain the heat on a low setting to avoid drying up the air within.

Keep Hydrated

Hydration is crucial on the inside as much as the outer. Keeping your body hydrated will help keep your skin moisturized. A beauty drip can also be used in conjunction with a hydrafacial to enhance the effects.

Include Facial Treatments

During the winter, search for face treatments that focus on moisture and mild exfoliation. Gentle exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin and revealing a more radiant complexion, as well as preventing your skincare products from having to work through that layer of dead, dull skin.