Doctor P Drops Genre-Bending Single “Nicotine Baby” featuring Kleo Patra

If you’re into club anthems with heavy bass, Doctor P‘s latest release, “Nicotine Baby,” is a must-listen. Rooted in dubstep but transcending genre boundaries, this fresh track starts with eerie bells and chimes before Kleo Patra’s captivating vocals set a passionate tone. As the song progresses, intense bass drops drive the energy, ensuring listeners can’t help but move. The dynamic interplay between ethereal vocal riffs and choppy bass creates an addictive rhythm that keeps the momentum going.

“Nicotine Baby” is now available via Circus Records, co-founded by Doctor P and fellow dubstep veteran Flux Pavilion. Catch this new single live on Doctor P’s upcoming tour, starting June 8th and hitting cities like Virginia Beach, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tucson, and Tempe by July 13th.