DM2 Drops Debut Single “Shred The Darkness” [Free Download]

Every producer or musician has to start somewhere. For DM2, this is his third start. After trying his hand at a solo project and then a duo, he’s back with a new name, new brand, and new sound.


For his debut single, “Shred The Darkness,” the influence is clear. A gritty, rock-influenced guitar riff starts things off and builds in intensity, adding to a cheering crowd in the background and some light chopped vocals. When the drop finally hits, it unleashes a cascading synth pattern and heavy bass that’s definitely fresh and is clearly intended to try and upset the status quo.

DM2’s motto? “Music is a drug and I’m here to get the world high.” Hard to argue with that.

Check out “Shred The Darkness” below and stay tuned for more from DM2 in 2019!

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