DJs React To Getter’s Distressing Cancellation Of His Visceral Tour

Yesterday was a tough day for Getter, who, in the face of overwhelming criticism and hate from a select group of so-called fans, cancelled the remainder of his Visceral tour with only seven dates left. Booing at shows and getting objects thrown at him were the last straws of his last vestment of hope in the tour, and he offered a defeated and distressing note to these individuals, saying, “you win.”

In the face of such blatant toxicity, not just in the bass community but perhaps more pervasive in dance music as a whole, legions of Getter’s friends and colleagues leapt to his support. It was never so much as calling out any one individual as pointing out the hypocrisy of those buying a ticket to a VISCERAL TOUR show and then getting mad they heard music from his Visceral album.

Jauz, Excision, Alison Wonderland, Ekali, Thys of Noisia, Feed Me, and more had words of encouragement and support for Getter yesterday and this morning. There are a lot to read through below, but you’ll probably end up feeling a lot more hopeful for the the future by the end of it.

Hopefully Getter feels the same way soon.

there’s too many words I have for this @GetterOfficial situation so I’ll keep it short and sweet. If he had put out the same music, done the same tour under a different name everyone would’ve ate that shit up. but because he tried to be himself yall destroyed it. good going 🖕

— JAUZ (@Jauzofficial) April 4, 2019

personally I hope and believe this won’t be the end of @GetterOfficial and in a year or two from now all those kids who trashed Visceral will be the ones lining up 4 hours early to buy merch and have a meet and greet. Real music doesn’t go away and neither will Tanner or his fans

— JAUZ (@Jauzofficial) April 4, 2019

Additionally, don’t think for a second that buying a ticket to a show gets you anything but exactly what the artist intends to give you. You aren’t entitled to hear old music.

— Ekali 🥀 (@EkaliMusic) April 4, 2019

Keep doin what you want, and fuck the people who can’t understand that you want to push the boundaries and grow as a person and as an artist. Those are the people who keep this scene stagnant and lame. Keep goin bro

— Lost Kings (@wearelostkings) April 4, 2019

Exactly. Just like when @Avicii did his country set at Ultra and were going how his career is over and it was all crap. Then lo and behold months later “oh shit yeah this is amazing!”

— rukes (@rukes) April 4, 2019

do what u feel tanner, but this is hard as shit!

only way to make this image even harder is to play melodies on that stage, which u already about.

— joyryde (@enJOYRYDE) April 4, 2019

Please don’t give up. You can’t let the haters win. They don’t deserve that honor.

— Dave Dresden (@davedresden) April 4, 2019

I hope you don’t give up. I know I’m from the other side of what you do but it you read this I hope you find solace in that this has been happening since music creation has began. @ledzeppelin never got more than 2.5 stars for any of their albums in @RollingStone.

— Tommie Sunshine 😎✊️🌹 (@tommiesunshine) April 4, 2019

visceral feelings ✨

we love u @GetterOfficial, thank u 💜

— The BUKU Project (@thebukuproject) April 4, 2019

The shitty thing is Visceral is 100x better than the shit u put out back in the day. Don’t let a few tasteless, toxic ass wooks fuck with your psychè, G.

— MEAUX GREEN (@themeauxgreen) April 4, 2019

i’m so sorry this has happened, thinking about you bro

— QUIX (@QUIX) April 4, 2019

This shit makes me wanna cry, man.

— MUST DIE! (@MUSTDIEmusic) April 4, 2019

Y O U ‘ R E

— 1788-L 🤖 (@l_1788) April 4, 2019

i’m so sorry you’re going thru this man. it saddens me to see you get criticized and ridiculed just for creating something different, something new & fresh. i hope you find joy and happiness, you deserve all of it. thank you for being such a huge inspiration to so many of us ❤️

— Slooze 👾 (@SloozeMusic) April 4, 2019

All ur new music is fantastic & u should 100% continue making the music that u want to make. At the end of the day, if u aren’t happy with ur art, then it really isn’t art right? There may be people who don’t enjoy ur new stuff, but do what makes u happy, true fans will be there.

— Brownies & Lemonade (@TeamBandL) April 4, 2019

It’s rly depressing to see a musician being forced to quit making the music that he believes in based on negative reinforcement. Give musicians an opportunity to experiment & evolve their style. People change, times change, & music changes along the way. Art needs room to grow.

— Brownies & Lemonade (@TeamBandL) April 4, 2019

Man i can’t actually believe people drove an amazing artist/person to quit his own tour. It genuinely hurts my heart and makes me feel disgusted. I don’t think a lot of people realise how much hope/dreams/effort crawl into these projects. I’m really envious of getter that…

— EPTIC (@Eptic) April 4, 2019

But fuck they’re just people who had a passion and went for it, that should be applauded not shot down. Genuinely hope you keep your head up @GetterOfficial, i know we dont talk much anymore, but i’m very proud of you and sad i couldn’t catch one of the shows

— EPTIC (@Eptic) April 4, 2019

you’re a musical innovator man. I’m sorry people are so shitty sometimes.

— SVDDEN DEATH (@svddendeathdub) April 4, 2019

So sorry to hear this, really makes us sad to think that in an scene that seems so open and so pro-individuality stuff like still happens 🙁

Visceral was honestly one of our fav albums in a while.


man this hurts to read. i’m sorry you have to deal with this. you are a true pioneer in stepping outside the box. i appreciate what you have done with visceral

— kayzo (@KayzoMusic) April 4, 2019

Breaks my heart man, I’ll always support u. U taught me so much about music personally and through ur art, and i accentuate the word art. Thanks for everything you’ve done, I hope u find solace in this decision and it leads to a brighter path, one that you deserve.

— Ghastly (◕,,,◕) (@Ghastly) April 4, 2019

sorry TBH my phone just glitched out and sent that lol. now I’m on my laptop. lol but sending love ur way dude.

— Rezz (@OfficialRezz) April 4, 2019

Totally sympathise with @GetterOfficial .When London Road came out, America only wanted dubstep and totally turned their backs on the record. We tried touring it but it was heartbreaking to hear ‘PLAY SUNLIGHT’ in any quiet moments of the set. It’s a hard pain to overcome.

— Modestep (@Modestep) April 4, 2019

Sometimes when you fly to stardom overnight, you forget that not every fan is in it for the culture and music. They are going to see the next hype act next week. It’s not about those fans. It’s about the select few who loved every moment.. and they come back time and time again.

— Modestep (@Modestep) April 4, 2019

*that, some

— UZ (@BallTrapMusic) April 4, 2019

getter is one of the best fucking humans/artists i have ever met

nothing else to say other than that

— josh pan (@joshpan) April 4, 2019

. @GetterOfficial , thank you for everything man. you’re one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met, and this whole experience has been such an honor. anything you choose to do will be amazing because you are bro. love you. ❤️

— 𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚐 𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚗𝚜 (@craigowens) April 4, 2019

Edm doesn’t deserve @GetterOfficial

— HEROBUST (@Herobust) April 4, 2019

Im speechless.. look at what you’ve done.. well guess what Visceral is a FANTASTIC album and you haters can’t un-release that gem

— habstrakt (@habstrakt) April 4, 2019

Pains me to see this. I have so much respect for you and the risks you’ve taken.
If you’re a fan of an artist, support them and allow them to explore areas you may not be familiar with. We’re not here to make the same song a million times

— louis (@LouisTheChild) April 4, 2019

Being dragged kicking and screaming into new eras of an artist’s career is why they’re in the driving seat and you’re not. No one wanted Kid A, no one wanted Sgt. Pepper’s – but we fucking got given them, and how much richer are we now?
Hope @GetterOfficial is ok.

— Feed Me (@feedme) April 4, 2019

This is so horrible to hear man. Sending all the love in the world, all you’ve done is show courage, integrity and creativity with your work and it’s pitiful you’ve been made to feel like this 🙁

— DELTΔ HEΔVY (@DeltaHeavyUK) April 4, 2019

People hated on bob Dylan when he stopped playing folk music. Now nobody remembers that. People will get with the program eventually. It’s growing pains. Sucks that people are throwing shit and booing that’s ruthless. Stay with it 👊

— ZEDS DEAD (@zedsdead) April 4, 2019

congratulations, you guys have instilled fear into every upcoming producer who wants to try something new at some point in their careers

— TISOKI (@tisoki) April 4, 2019

.@getterofficial sending love your way bro <3 Visceral is tight, keep pushing boundaries man.

— Excision (@Excision) April 4, 2019

Shit about the tour. It was a brave thing to do. Maybe a bit early. Shows is the most difficult thing to change. Precisely because that’s where the money is at, that’s also where the entitledness is at. Just keep doing your thing. Do it for you.

— Thys (@ThysMusic) April 4, 2019

brad & his squad of bradleys couldn’t handle the concept of emotion or melody
they just wanted to chug 2cb laced molly water & rattle their tiny brains around holding onto the precious metal rail
who would’ve thought a tour named after the album would have music from the album?

— AWAY (@awaynotfound) April 4, 2019

. @GetterOfficial just know that taking risks and being yourself is the best you can be. The right people will get you. I am sorry you are struggling right now but we, in the electronic music community all have your back rn

— ALISON WONDERLAND (@awonderland) April 4, 2019

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