DJ Soulchild Steps Into the Spotlight with Debut Single “#WWGD” Featuring Sydir and Barry Antoine

Switzerland – DJ Soulchild, a world-renowned club DJ and producer, has stepped into the spotlight with his debut single “#WWGD” featuring rapper Sydir and R&B crooner Barry Antoine. The infectious groove of the song fuses Future Funk with Rap, R&B, and Afrobeat, creating an eclectic gumbo of sounds that Soulchild personally loves.

For years, Soulchild has been among the best at creating dynamic remixes, collaborating with a plethora of artists such as Erick Sermon, MC Lyte, Keith Murray, Sadat X, Jazz, 4 P.M., and Noel Gourdin. Finally, he takes the opportunity to showcase his own unique style with “#WWGD.”

The debut single is released through Soulchild’s own label, Humble Savage Records, and is now available on all digital platforms. The song is a testament to Soulchild’s skill in blending genres and his ability to curate a dynamic sonic experience.

With “#WWGD,” DJ Soulchild sets the tone for his future endeavors in the music industry. The infectious beat and dynamic flow of Sydir and Antoine’s vocals serve as the perfect introduction to Soulchild’s artistry. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented artist.