DJ Snake Starts Biggest Wall Of Death In Dance Music History

dj snake

DJ Snake made history this past weekend, performing at the largest single-day dance music event in history in Europe with over 40,000 in attendance at the Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre, just outside Paris. An official recap video is definitely coming, but DJ Snake has already shared one of the most intense moments of the night — an epic wall of death, easily the biggest in dance music history. While not all 40,000 in attendance were down on the floor for the show, it’s still an absolutely insane amount of people. The song playing is a new, unreleased Snake tune. Judging by his tweets around it, it’s called “I Can’t Trust Nobody.”

Check out videos of the moment below.

— DJ SNAKE (@djsnake) February 25, 2020

— Guettapen (@GuettapenNews) February 23, 2020

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