DJ Snake & Eptic Team Up For One Of The Best Collabs Of 2019, “SouthSide”

DJ Snake and Eptic have a new collaboration out today — and they didn’t just kill it, they murdered it. “SouthSide” is a downright sick rave-anthem-meets-dubstep-banger and we’re going to have this one repeat for a hot minute (or two). No moment is wasted with this production, but seized by every precise sound set in motion by these masterminds. An aggressive festival open is ramped up by an epic build, and then punctuated with a Fatman Scoop sample right before the drop. Remember: DJ Snake and Eptic are on the attack, so don’t be too surprised when the drop assaults your entire existence.

This is more than just your average banger. There’s a classic, nostalgic feel that “SouthSide” radiates — the kind of feeling EDM lovers constantly chase. This might be one of the most played out tracks of the year we’re hearing, so keep an ear out during festival season. Get rowdy to the sound of “SouthSide” — listen here!

DJ Snake & Eptic – SouthSide