DJ Snake Drops His Full Sophomore Album A Day Early

The world was awaiting the release of DJ Snake’s sophomore album, Carte Blanche, tomorrow. But, DJ Snake has never been one to prescribe to the rules of release schedules, and the full album is officially out now. Carte Blanche is a sizzling collection of seventeen tracks, including previously released singles “Taki Taki” and “Enzo,” which, between just the two of them, count Sheck Wes, Offset, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B as collaborators. Other guest appearances on the album include Zomboy, Majid Jordan, Zhu, Tchami, Malaa, Mercer, Bryson Tiller, J Balvin, Tyga, Sean Paul, Eptic, Burna Boy, Gashi, and more. To break it down math-style, there is an average of 1.35 collaborators per track on the album.

Hotly anticipated collab “Quiet Storm” with Zomboy serves as the perfect album starter after the powerful intro from “Butterfly Effect.” With the tribal chants and pounding dubstep sounds, it makes a statement that says: “This isn’t just another pop album.” That being said, the album does have its fair share of clear pop tracks like “Recognize” with Majid Jordan or “Smile” with Bryson Tiller. Most of these pop tracks bring a more Latin flavor to the mix, which is something that DJ Snake has played with plenty of times before.

For the EDM fanatics, there’s also plenty to love. “Made In France” with friends Tchami, Malaa, and Mercer is a super fun, bouncy house number. It’s hard to combine the styles of all four artists into one track (and while we’re at it, we’re a little disappointed “Let’s Get Ill” didn’t make the cut), but this track makes it work. Also on the album is the Zhu collab, “No More,” which is a lot less hype than we might have preferred. It’s a decent track in between “Recognize” and “Made In France,” but this is definitely one we expected a bit more from. Then there’s “SouthSide” with Eptic, which, apart from the Zomboy collab, is one hundred percent the most hype track on the release.

Carte Blanche finishes off with a couple of slower numbers, courtesy of Burna Boy and Gashi. After a little over an hour, it’s clear this album will require multiple listens to really absorb its full scope, and we’re here for the ride. Check it out for yourself below.

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