DJ Benda Makes A Name For Himself With His New Multifaceted Project “ Broward Bezel EP ”

Following the success of Tommy Gun, a frenetic collaboration single with Tisoki, Miami-born producer and DJ Benda makes a name for himself with his new multifaceted project “Broward Bezel EP.” This explosive 5-track EP is out now on Excision‘s growing Subsidia imprint and is the young producer’s second EP to be announced. “Broward Bezel EP,” brimming with tectonic sounds and incendiary lines, is a stunning achievement brimming with tunes that have the potential to provoke any crowd.

“Broward Bezel EP” showcases Benda’s forceful muse by transforming tuneful beats into suffocating drops spewing machine-gun style synth work. Benda honed in on the idiosyncratic style that distinguishes him from the crowd by combining earth-splitting bass and aggressive rap bars with the help of Bluepill, Puku, and Mikey Rotten. The calm at the end of the storm, a melodic funk-filled piece interlaced with captivating drums and Courtney Drummey’s dreamy cadence, concludes the EP. This profound collection of songs ticks every box and paints the perfect picture of why the LA-based producer is known as one of the grimiest in the game.