DJ Amaury Lacroix is here to bind you within his unparalleled skills in ‘We Go Higher’

The French DJ cum Producer Amaury Lacroix is reinventing disco Jockeying skills. His latest release ‘We Go Higher’ is certainly the most satisfying proof of this fact. This brand new single is yet another awesome track from the French DJ/Producer Amaury Lacroix. The single takes off in a familiar and traditional way compared to most of the contemporary releases. The bars have been set from the very first verse; determined and fast-paced. The rhythmic build-up will certainly elevate your musical senses from the beginning and maintain the hype till the very end. With each passing moment, the musicality begins to unwrap itself and provides the audience with the chance of getting lost within the escapism. ‘We Go Higher’ is certainly one of the top-rated tracks of the artist.

The sound design and synths have been scattered over the chosen notes with the utmost perfection, offering an ever-enchanting ambiance around the listeners. The musicality of this track has the strength of storming into the senses of the listeners and won’t give enough time to catch up with the awesomeness of the sound effects. When listened to low volumes, ‘We Go Higher’ is sublime, but when the volume is turned on high, the screaming elements of the soundscape will make you long for a live performance of the creator. This four-minute long blissful journey will throw you into a spectrum of musical greatness.

This track has made a great impact over the mass, quite similar to the artist’s previous tracks – the remixes of ‘Let Me Love You’, ‘Flashdance… What A Feeling’, and ‘Papaoutai’. However, this track is not just there for a release, this is more than that – every element put into the creation is a journey on its own. The spellbinding fusion of stunning vocal performance and enthralling sound design is a blissful creation to experience. Listen to more from Amaury Lacroix on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. To know more, visit his official website or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.