Dive exclusively with an award-winning crew during the largest annual migration of whale sharks

In the warm waters of Mexico’s east coast, take the opportunity to swim with the big fish on this exclusive 4-day expedition. It is the longest meeting available on the planet. A moment so rare, captured by an award-winning crew and all for a charitable cause.

Diving exclusively with whale sharks, as nowhere else in the world

Up to their 100th birthday, these sweet giants filter 38 kg of caviar, nicknamed “the little tuna” and plankton, every day. Reaching 20 meters long, there is an undeniable majestic grandeur that these animals possess.

Their daily diet; perhaps the largest consumption of caviar in the world.

While these refined customers, who are harmless to humans, roam the warm waters of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Blue Sphere invites you to spend some extremely luxurious days swimming with them.

Snorkeling with whale sharks in Mexican waters

At 18,000 USD per person, it’s an exclusive experience. You have in your team; Shawn Heinrichs, executive founder of Blue Sphere and award-winning documentary maker; National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, award-winning photographer Jim Abernethy; and Cristina Mittermeier, the most famous outdoor photographer in the world, awarded.

The ocean overflows with these gentle giants during the migration. Allowing you to dive, interact and swim alongside many whale sharks in recent days.

Feeding the whale shark filter

This rare adventure welcomes exclusively 4 luxury yachts over 4 days, once a year. With each yacht can not accommodate more than 6 people, avoiding any crowd. To avoid any crowd, you can inquire about the possibility of booking the entire visit for an unforgettable romance in nature, barely $ 88,000, perhaps by Valentine’s Day gesture.

The whole trip, from the moment you land when you leave, is filled with absolute luxury. Stay in the most scenic accommodations on the island of Mujeres, eat the freshest food during your stay, while waking up each morning admiring a panoramic view of the water.

Swimming with a whale shark

A private valè awaits you at the Cancun airport and takes you to the marina. From the marina, you will be accompanied by a Blue Sphere partner and will sail aboard a private yacht for the scenic island of Mujeres. Afternoon to relax and get settled at home, you are soon invited to dine with Shawn Henrichs, where he plans the next days with you.

Every morning you will be driven in a free luxury yacht where you can spend about 6 hours a day exploring, basking in the Mexican sun and swimming with the many whale sharks.

The rays of a giant mobula, an absolutely safe and gentle creature, cheerful and distinctly different from stingrays, turtles, dolphins, sailboats, marlin and eagle rays are also present, when you are immersed in the hot underwater world.

Ray of the giant mobula

As indulgent as this trip is, it also has a charitable beauty. Plunging into these luxurious days, you swim with wildlife a real exercise that re-educates the inhabitants. Residents who fish and kill these incredible creatures for commercial purposes.

Base diver swimming at night with Mobula rays

The commissioner of this underwater escape is a man who has stepped down from his role as CFO, Shawn Henrichs. His work with Blue Sphere has prompted many local communities to rehabilitate these animals instead of slaughtering them, which has led to improvements such as Raja Ampat, Indonesia, where marine life has increased by 250%. Understanding our world “is like a symphony, from the frozen Arctic Ocean to the deepest jungles of Central Africa, the whole world sings, slams, squeaks, hisses and pounding” and when we spend a few thousand dollars in a Luxurious adventure, we can check it as follows: a charitable good for our world.

Trust, this expedition redefines charity.

Shawn Henrich under water with the whale shark

Tour dates for 2019 are July 13-17. By 2020 and in the years to come, the hours fluctuate according to the migration patterns of these animals.

During your luxury adventure, you will stay in the exclusive haven of Zoetry Villa Rolandi. The calendar of days gives you time to make an appointment for an invigorating spa at Thalsao Spa when you return from a few hours at sea.

Dinner is served at the best restaurant on the island, Casa Rolandi, which offers a mix of cuisines from northern Italy and local Yucatan. At dinner, your invitation includes eating with the high caliber staff and remembering the day’s events, while enjoying a meal among a variety of outstanding dishes, all of which have been designed by a sommelier.

Among other restaurants on the scenic island you will find the Polo’s Mango Café, where you can taste the freshest Mexican flavors. Their hearty breakfast includes a toast with coconut and stuffed peppers. Accompanying a brunch at Rooster Café where benoît is served with lobster or chorizo, an ideal place to sip a simple cocktail before the unveiling of the day. Lola Valentina offers a Caribbean infusion, with a red snapper stuffed with creamy poblano shrimp and peppers, if you fancy eating a piece before dinner. And of course, after dinner, there are palm trees and tiki torches at Fenix, to sit down and sip a cocktail by the seaside late at night.

Zoetry Villa Rolandi

Capturing the beauty of the underworld, Shawn publishes a documentary series of Netflix, “Tales by Light,” December 21, 2019. His talk on TedX is available here

For more information on the details of the expedition

Watch the documentary Racing Extinction

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