Discover the VALORANT Champions Tour VCT Anthem ‘Ticking Away’ by Grabbitz and bbno$

Riot Games celebrates the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) with a bang, bringing innovative music activations that include the VCT anthem “Ticking Away,” a collaboration between acclaimed artists Grabbitz and bbno$. Released today on all digital streaming platforms (DSPs), this anthem promises to be a defining moment for VALORANT enthusiasts.

The Fusion of Rock and Pulsating Beats

For VALORANT, music has always been an integral part of the experience, and the 2023 VCT anthem, “Ticking Away,” is no exception. This thrilling composition blends rock elements with pulsating electronic beats, and interestingly, it marks Grabbitz’s third VCT anthem collaboration with Riot Games. The artist is no stranger to success, with his 2021 single “Die For You” amassing approximately 61 million YouTube views and 80 million Spotify plays. Additionally, he wrote and produced the 2022 VCT anthem “Fire Again,” beautifully performed by Ashnikko.

Unforgettable Performances at the VALORANT Champions Finals

Fans are in for a treat as Grabbitz and bbno$ will perform “Ticking Away” live for the very first time during the grand Opening Ceremony at the VALORANT Champions Finals on Saturday, August 26, at The KIA Forum. Joining them on this musical extravaganza will be ericdoa, performing his 2023 blockbuster VALORANT single “GREATER THAN ONE.” Vocalists Emei and Jazz Alonso will also delight the audience with a surprise track produced by the talented ARB4, who previously collaborated with VALORANT on the 2022 single “Raja” featuring Tienas and Mangal Suvernan. The excitement of these performances will set the stage for an evening of intense gameplay, captivating over 10,000 spectators, while millions more, totaling over 2 million viewers, will be watching the Finals and Opening Ceremony online.

Immersive Musical Experiences in Los Angeles

Riot Games, in collaboration with well-known event producers Brownies & Lemonade, is taking things up a notch with immersive musical experiences in Los Angeles. On Wednesday, August 23, downtown LA will come alive as VALORANT and Brownies & Lemonade host a one-night music event that promises unforgettable moments.

Witness “Ticking Away” in the Captivating Music Video

Before you head to the Finals, make sure to check out the visually stunning music video for “Ticking Away.” It’s a visual feast that complements the powerful energy of the anthem.

In conclusion, the VALORANT Champions Tour has outdone itself by bringing together the creative genius of Grabbitz and bbno$ to produce the remarkable VCT anthem “Ticking Away.” The fusion of rock and electronic elements, combined with the promising performances during the Finals, sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration of both music and gaming. So mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the incredible world of VALORANT, where gaming meets exceptional music!