Discover the Untold Story Behind Daft Punk’s “Fragments of Time” with Todd Edwards in Their Unreleased Track

Daft Punk fans were thrilled last month when the iconic French duo announced the 10th anniversary edition of their final studio album, Random Access Memories, with an additional 35 minutes of unreleased music. Now, the first track from the album has been unveiled, providing an exclusive look into the creative process behind one of the album’s most beloved tracks.

The track, titled “The Writing of Fragments of Time,” features commentary from Daft Punk collaborator Todd Edwards as he works with the band on “Fragments of Time” at the legendary Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Although it may not technically qualify as a “song,” the track is a fascinating documentary-style exploration of the creative journey behind the making of “Fragments of Time.”

Edwards, who first collaborated with Daft Punk on “Face To Face” from their Discovery album in 2001, can be heard discussing his creative process and working with the duo in intimate moments captured during the recording session. The tape ran for the full session, providing a rare and intimate glimpse into the actual humans at work behind the music.

“The Writing of Fragments of Time” was edited for this anniversary edition by Daft Punk’s sound engineer Florian Lagatta. It’s a nod back to the RAM album track “Giorgio by Moroder,” which features the legendary Giorgio Moroder discussing his own creative process and come up. However, this latest behind-the-scenes track takes things a step further by providing unprecedented access to the creative process behind one of Daft Punk’s most memorable tracks.

Listeners can expect to hear all the doubts, excitement, and imperfections that come with the creative process, providing a unique perspective into the art of music-making. It’s a must-listen for Daft Punk fans, as well as anyone interested in the creative process behind one of the most innovative and influential musical acts of our time.

The Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition is set for release on May 12, and with this exclusive glimpse into the creative process behind the album, it’s sure to be a must-have for music lovers everywhere.