Discover the Unicorn Producer Rich Delinquent’s Latest Collaboration with Benny Mayne: “XOXO”

Rich Delinquent stands out from the crowd, as he writes, produces, and sings every single track. He has an impressive track record, recently collaborating with Bobby Raps, who featured on both of Skrillex‘s albums, for their emotionally charged single, “1800ifuckedup”.

Rich Delinquent’s ability to tell compelling and sometimes shocking stories through his songs sets him apart in the industry. Now, he’s back with a new single, “XOXO”, teaming up with another breakthrough artist Benny Mayne. The single is all about heartbreak and vengeance, featuring entrancing melodies, crisp hip hop drum patterns, and an eerie organ chord progression that sets the tone for this vindictive track.

Both Rich and Benny provide invigorating vocal performances that showcase their dynamic collaboration. Check out the track and witness their talent.