Discover The 21st Century’s “Supermarket of Images” at The Jeu de Paume in Paris

Showcasing a powerful reflection of the image economy, “The Supermarket of Images” is a dedicated creative platform for photography and the study of visual culture by Paris Jeu de Paume arts centre in collaboration with artist collective, Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The exhibition aims to resonate with the rhythm of an era, analyzing images of our time and confronting issues of hyper-production and the consequences of commodifying all that is visible – through creating dialogue of how images are spread and traded throughout the modern world, the human effort (or non-human process) that goes into their creation, and the fluctuation of the values they represent as they circulate around the globe.

Beyond an orthodox gallery, the Jeu de Paume arts centre is a revered place of convergence – hosting exhibitions, conferences, symposia, workshops and performances. The centre thus prides itself in providing a safe space for postmodern photography and media enthusiasts a glimpse into the field’s innovative and occasionally disruptive force in society.

The artistic realm and its issues are no stranger to Jaeger-LeCoultre, established in 1833, the Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer’s success has grown through the combined effort, knowledge and skill set of innumerable watchmakers, engineers, designers and craftsman. With connections to the Jeu de Paume arts centre dating as far back as 2006, Jaeger-LeCoultre recognizes interconnectivity and significance of every field in creating a singular ‘work of art’.

Much like how a watch does not just capture time, photography refrains from holding subjects captive in a frozen frame but to embodies them in the most precise and significant expression. “The Supermarket of Images” exhibition will thus commence from 11th February up till 7th June 2020.