Discover Christian Dior’s Mexican-Inspired Cruise 2024 Collection Celebrating Frida Kahlo

Christian Dior‘s Cruise 2024 campaign, inspired by Mexico and paying homage to Frida Kahlo, is a testament to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s commitment to female empowerment as Dior’s creative director. Chiuri has consistently used her role to raise awareness of women‘s issues, whether through slogan t-shirts or by collaborating with female photographers for Dior’s advertising campaigns. In the case of Cruise 2024, Brigitte Niedermair, one of the many talented female creatives, returns to capture the campaign’s imagery.

The collection, unveiled in May in Mexico City, is a beautiful fusion of traditional Mexican heritage, encompassing both ancient and contemporary influences. The accompanying campaign images not only showcase the stunning fashion but also pay tribute to Mexico’s rich and artisanal heritage.

The campaign features models Ana Miguel, Ana Oliveira, Celic Dorig, Maryel Uchida, Sara Caballero, and Sara Esparza, who come together before Niedermair’s lens. In doing so, they not only bring the fashion to life but also honor the memory and artistic legacy of the iconic Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. This blend of fashion, culture, and female empowerment underscores Dior’s commitment to celebrating diversity and heritage in the world of high fashion.

Christian Dior Cruise 2024 by Brigitte Niedermair

Christian Dior Cruise 2024 by Brigitte Niedermair