Dirty Blac puts his artistic visionary on the right track with the release of ‘Caine ft Kendrick Lamar’

Dirty Blac proves himself as a worthy rapper in the crowded hip-hop industry with his outgoing style and catchy voice shown perfectly in ‘Caine ft Kendrick Lamar’. With an unusual tune and bright lyrical content Tecero Muldrew who goes with his stage name Dirty Blac has brought together some fascinating elements that highly escalates his name in the industry. Moving forward with an undeniable spirit and vocal prowess the born to rap artist has released another exciting hip-hop sound that works consistently to highlight his creativity. His new track ‘Caine ft Kendrick Lamar’ switches things up in a positive direction as the rapper/ songwriter has set the perfect example of flawless rap style with his exclusive vocals. Born in Arkansas, the artist had taken up rhyming since the age of ten and remained dedicated to his craft till he steered his passion to reality.

Dirty Blac inculcated his strong lyrical swagger by listening to some southern rappers and after culminating several musical experiences, the rapper has accentuated his groove and style. He follows his own described style and already had the pleasure of working with several notable producers like Rhythm D and Battlecat. His new music video ‘Caine ft Kendrick Lamar’ is certainly a game changer in the scene as he wishes to create his bounce in the industry. Listen to him on YouTube and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Dirty Blac – Caine ft Kendrick Lamar

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