Dirty Audio & Cappa Take It Back To The Trap Days With “Bottle The Feeling”

Bass music these days has become a bit more homogeneous than it used to be. Back in 2013, tracks were either trap, dubstep, future bass, or whatever else. Now, elements of everything bleed into each other, tracks will have two different drops, dubstep is being made at 150 now instead of 140, it’s a free for all. That being said, if you’ve been missing some pure trap vibes, Dirty Audio & Cappa have the answer for you with “Bottle The Feeling.” It’s probably not the trap that you remember from when guys like Luminox, Hucci, Keys N Krates and others were championing the burgeoning genre, but it more than does the trick.

“Bottle The Feeling” is a short and sweet tune that doesn’t leave much space for nonsense. It gets right to the point and it does it dirty. Plenty of 808s and snares give this a classic vibe while Cappa’s vocals offer up a bit more of that future bass sound, at least a little. But once you get to the drop, it’s straight trap. Check out the tune below, out now via Thrive Music!