Diplo’s Self-Titled Album “ Diplo ” Is Out Now

Diplo appears to have rediscovered his love for house music in recent years, and we’re all winners as a result. The outcome of this rediscovered love was just released today. In 18 years, Diplo is his first full-length electronic music album. The 14-track album includes a few previously released tracks, such as the Grammy-nominated collaboration with Sidepiece “On My Mind” and the always upbeat “Looking for Me“.

Diplo has a long list of producer credits in the music industry. There are probably a few Diplo-produced radio hits that you know every word to and don’t even realize it. So getting a true album of music from Diplo, where he returns to his house music roots, is a real treat. There are tracks for everyone on this album. From dance floor destroyers to ambient tracks, there’s something for everyone.

Diplo – “Diplo”