Diplo Lays Down Lyrics for GTA (Good Times Ahead) Single “Milky Cabrera”

GTA have officially shifted into Good Times Ahead. Along with the name change, a new single featuring suave vocals from none other than Diplo. “Milky Cabrera” is a little absurd to be honest, but in the best possible way. When Diplo is delivering the lyrics, you already know it’s going to get interesting. It’s GTA — sorry, Good Times Ahead — that really sell the track, however, with their top notch production. The duo can make any genre, any flavor, any BPM, and here they work bouncy house to their advantage.

GTA and Diplo previously teamed up for a collaboration “Boy Oh Boy,” which first released in 2013. Years later and these guys are on top of their game. It’s exciting to hear where their heads are at.

Good Times Ahead took to social media today to share how they first linked up with Diplo:

Let us take you back about 5 years ago.. We were in Amsterdam at Cruise Contol Studios unknowingly working on a song that would forever change our lives. Diplo was in the next room over and he came in to check out what we were up to. We had a mic hooked up so he grabbed the headphones and there it was. History. Made. The best hook we’ve ever heard in our lives. We were left speechless. We’d never be where we are now if it wasn’t for that session. Ty so much Diplo for always getting dumb with us. 🙏🏼 Oh yeah we also made Red Lips that day. MILKY CABRERA OUT NOW !!!

The hook on this track, by the way, is “give me that good head.” Enjoy!

Good Times Ahead – “Milky Cabrera” feat. Diplo

Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for The Stronach Group