Diplo Delivers Sensational Europa EP

Diplo has been dropping off goodies from his new EP for the past few weeks and it has finally arrived. Serving as the European companion to last year’s California EP, Diplo’s new Europa project shows a new side of the renowned producer culminated from his years of globetrotting. Seeking a more cultured experience, Diplo invited a slew of European hip-hop artists to craft his six-track Europa EP. Tingling with vivacious melodies, intricate soundscapes, and slinky foreign vocals, Diplo’s Europa EP is just another sign of Diplo’s expanding global domination. The project truly shines a light on Diplo’s expertise and craftsmanship as it brings new life to the growing electronic hip-hop cross-genre. Simply put, Europa is sensational. Stream Europa below.

Diplo – Europa EP