Diplo Can’t Pay For Toilet, Drops His Pants & Changes In Public In Bali

Traveling as a touring artist always means adapting to the customs of whatever town, city, state, country, or what have you, that you find yourself in on any given day. Diplo is no stranger to Bali in Indonesia, having traveled there both solo and as part of Major Lazer. Over the weekend, Diplo was playing in Bali and taking some time off when a scooter ride with shorts on ended with an absolutely horrible sunburn. He tried going into one of the public bathrooms in the area, but they often charge, sometimes at least IDR2,000 (US$ 0.14). Unfortunately, he didn’t have any change and…

“My legs probably got skin cancer from riding on the highway on a motorbike with no sunscreen so I tried to change but no one let me use their bathroom since I didn’t have any rupiah so I just found an empty corner but an old lady actually watched me and laughed at my white ass. Wait til the end to see the sauciest fadeaway.”

Check out the risque video below — and yes, you do see Diplo’s white ass. Also keep scrolling for a new collab ID with Sidepiece (Party Favor + Nitti Gritti) coming out on Diplo’s Higher Ground label soon.