Dior Pure Gold Backstage Glow Palette


Pure Gold (003)

Dior Pure Gold (003) Backstage Glow Face PaletteDior Pure Gold (003) Backstage Glow Face Palette  is a new, limited edition all-gold highlighting palette that includes three warmer, yellower golds and one, almost “cooler” gold–call it golden beige or golden pewter (the latter not being a typical highlighter shade). All four shades had more semi-opaque to opaque, buildable pigmentation with denser, gel-powder textures that worked well with denser brushes, though they blended out easily and sat well on bare skin as there was no powderiness.

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is a light, yellow-leaning gold with faint, micro-sparkle over a pearlescent sheen. It had semi-opaque pigmentation that was buildable to full coverage with a second layer.

The texture was smooth to the touch, dense but not stiff, and had no powderiness, so it was easy to control how much product was picked up on a brush. It wore well for eight and a half hours before fading a bit.

Gold Gold

Gold Gold is a brighter, medium yellow-gold with moderate, warm undertones and a metallic sheen with very faint sparkle. The texture was soft, smooth, and blendable with a moderate density that made it a touch firmer, though not stiff, and was best used with a moderately-dense brush to pick up product.

It had opaque color coverage, which could easily be used with a lighter hand for more buildable coverage if desired. It stayed on nicely for eight and a half hours before fading visibly.

Warm Gold

Warm Gold is a richer, medium-dark gold with strong, warm undertones and a sparkling sheen with faint pink and mostly gold micro-sparkle over a metallic finish. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation that adhered well to bare skin, while the texture was smooth, dense but not stiff, so it applied and blended out without difficulty.

The finish emphasized on skin texture slightly when worn at higher coverage. It lasted well for eight and a half hours before fading noticeably.


Platinum is a light-medium, pewter gold with warm undertones and a sparkling, shiny finish. It was particularly shiny–not just metallic as it was smoother but as reflective–with faint sparkle.

It had semi-opaque, buildable color coverage that applied evenly and blended out with ease, but it didn’t emphasize my skin’s natural texture. The texture was soft, smooth, and dense without being stiff to work with. It wore well for eight and a half hours before fading a bit.