Dior Pays Tribute to Punk Iconoclast, Judy Blame in Men’s Fall 2020 Collection

Reeling in the new decade with a heralding vision, Kim Jones’ work exceeds expectation time and time again. Paying tribute to punk iconoclast, jeweler and art director, Judy Blame, the latest Dior Men’s Fall 2020 collection features a 21st century flair of flamboyance in deep-seated couture heritage.

The ‘fragile’ glass-boxed runway was hosted in a massive tent on Place de la Concorde, with a theatrical display of lights and multi-colored smoke which not only flooded the stage but ushered out the first of the night’s many looks: a swirling pearl-gray moiré taffeta swing coat with an enormous crushed rosette at its collar, paired with a pale grey turtleneck, narrow pinstripe trousers, white evening gloves and a polished pearl earring.

In an air of opulent swagger and casual confidence, the collection celebrates the iconic London punk aesthetic whilst maintaining the brand’s luxurious, signature stature. Incorporating juxtaposing colours and styles, the collection features pastel tones, gloves, pearl-embossed Dior Oblique motifs, Blame’s signature twinkling safety-pin jewellery and zipped berets, plus trench coats, tailored jackets, and slick suit pants with bomber jackets.

Judy Blame, who had developed a long-term friendship with creative director, Kim Jones in the early years of his life, was a central and prominent figure in the 80’s music, club and fashion scene, paving the way alongside other gender-benders such as Boy George and Leigh Bowery, for today’s LGBTQ+ communities. Revered for his innovative work in transforming and accessorising, everyday items into DIY jewellery – the Dior Men’s Fall 2020 Collection is a compilation of both brand archives and in Jones’ words, “things Judy would have loved”.