Dion Timmer Releases Debut Album on Deadbeats, “Enter Achroma”

Dion Timmer’s debut album Enter Achroma is finally here, and it’s more than you would think. Referred to early on as Excision’s protege, the young producer has fully come into his own and released something that is far more than just your standard bass album. The album crosses boundaries between melodic, dubstep bangers, psych rock, and more, showcasing Dion’s truly genre-spanning production abilities.

Even more so, the album does it in a way that sounds cohesive and well put-together, rather than just slamming a bunch of unconnected songs together. The transition from heavy on “I Don’t Miss You” to house banger on “Midnight Zone” to melodic bass on “Sandman Sleeps” to psychedelic ballad on “I Know You’re There” is absolutely sublime. At that’s just four of the first five tracks.

Across all 14 tracks, there’s really something for everyone. Listen to Enter Achroma, the debut album from Dion Timmer, below, out now on Deadbeats.

Photo via Rukes.com