Dion Timmer New EP “Arcane”

Out yesterday was Arcane, the new EP from Dion Timmer, signaling a new era for the young producer. Having released music since 2014, his vast discography immediately captured the attention of many, including Excision, who’s been instrumental in growing his brand. But as an artist, it’s all been Dion and now he’s ready to take the next step. Arcane is a beautiful new 7-track experience released this week on Subsidia, bringing together multiple different styles of bass music, and artists like Lucii, G-Rex & Armanni Reign, Azuria Sky, Excision & Monika Santucci, and Teddy Killers.

“Arcane is a fresh take on how I see my art, zooming out from the neon city into the more organic parts of my personal universe. The music remains similar to my older pieces, but a little more ‘alive.’” – Dion Timmer

Also included in the EP is a nearly hour-long Arcane Mix that even further represents the musical style that Dion is leaning toward at the moment. Check that all out below!